Acode LCD Basic Customer Pole Display

The Acode Basice Customer Display is specifically designed for retailer who wishes to replace traditional VFD customer pole display with LCD graphic display without modify the existing program.


Acode USB Customer Display

With our ALD Series Basic Customer Pole Display (USB interface), it’s more than just showing the price. It’s a new channel to interact with consumers. By using our Windows-based Acode Virtual Display, retailers can deliver eye catching banner and colourful messages to consumers. It will certainly attract consumers' attention and execute marketing plans more effectively. Our Acode Virtual Display can emulate many popular VFD serial port customer display command sets, retailers/software engineers do not need to go through difficult setup process and modify their existing system settings.

Benefits :

  • No need modify program replace VFD customer display 
  • Emmulates popular VFD command sets
  • Provide VIRTUAL COM
  • Fix com port number for easy maintenance
  • USB port powered. No external power supply needed
  • Promotion messages and advertisments 
  • User friendly system interface
  • Support OS : Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8/8.1/10.

How to replace VFD with Acode USB LCD Customer Display

Part No. BPxxx - Compatiable Command Code
ALD07UF-BPxxx BP001 Acode ALD07U / 08U / 08UF / 081UF / 010U / 10UF / 101UF
ALD08UF-BPxxx BP003 Logic Controls PD3000, TD3000, PD6000, LD9000, TD9000
ALD08UF-BPxxx   Logic Controls OPOS
ALD10UF-BPxxx BP005 Epson ESC/POS
  BP010 IBM Call Acode for Details and Mounting Options
  BP011 Aedex  
  BP012   WD-304
  BP013   CD5220
  BP016 Posiflex PD2200
  BP017 UTC Enchance
  BP018 UTC Standard
  BP020 Wincor BA63G
  BPxxx   Customization is available upon request.

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice