Kitchen Keypad – Bumpbar

Programmable keyboard and Kitchen Keypad can be configured and set up hot keys to automate common tasks and frequently used applications.



Logic Controls – KB1700 17 Key Progammable Pad and Kitchen Keypad
RF Catalogue

The KB1700 membrane keypad is constructed using PC boards with gold plated lands and stainless steel tactile dome disks, instead of conventional plastic sheet membranes and conductive ink traces. This keypad is durable spill-proof input devices. A durable input device for varied programmable tasks or choices. The KB1700 has 17 programmable membrane keys, ideally suited for applications requiring a very small footprint.

  • membrane switch
  • programmable inter-string delay
  • stainless steel dome disk switches
  • standard computer 101 keyboard output data format
  • output data set includes all alphanumeric, controls and function codes
  • true keyboard wedge function, operates with or without computer keyboard

LK1700 Programmable Keyboard

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice