Software Development

Acode Multimedia Customer Display Utility (Windows-Based, USB Interface)

Acode designed for retailers who wish to replace traditional VFD customer pole display with LCD graphic display without altering the existing system settings. Our display can emulate many popular VFD customer display command codes. Retailers/software engineers doesn’t not need to go through difficult setup process and modify their existing POS system.

Just install our ALD Multimedia LCD Customer Display and the Acode Display Configuration Utility, the VFD line display operation will be delivered to the ALD Multimedia LCD Display AUTOMATICALLY ! The ALD Multimedia LCD Customer Display supports different types of presentation modes including slideshow, video, html and split screen.



POS System

In the year 2002, we developed the Acode Retail System. The System provides an entry point to proprietors to work with a sales processing automation system. It shortens the processing time of a sales transaction and most importantly expands the capacity of a cashier counter to a point of customer service. Our engineers outlined and designed the System from a customer’s perspectives, which also means that “We Think Like a Customer.” The System, as it turns out, is a user friendly, comprehensive and becoming an economical start up POS solution.


The Billing System for the Cleaning Industry

The System provides a turnkey solution for businesses to meet their daily operations that range from issuing service agreements to receiving payments from their customers. It is built on proven two-tier technology and can be connected to virtually any databases such as Sybase, MSSQL, and Oracle. The system is robust, user-friendly and can easily be customized to cater to specific needs of each business.
Basically, the billing system has 5 modules which are master files maintenance, accounting, transactions, Reporting and administration Functions in the billing system include service agreement, service note, service receipt, debit note, credit note, accounts receivable settlement, material costing, operating expenses, depreciation, outstanding balance by client, monthly sales, reminder, payment history, and program access etc.





Activity Tracking System for Pest Control

The Activity Tracking System gives detail information on service activity history. Allows user to track, plan and manage service order efficiently. The Activity Tracking System contains two modules : The Back Office Module and Front Office Module. The Back Office Module is used to set up activities including pest control service mapping, create pest control activity and to monitor doses of chemicals and pesticide types. The Front Office Module collects data from a mobile data collection device and download the data collected to the Activity Tracking System. The system will produce service performance reports and upload them to service provider website. System administrator and management team can view search and download service performance reports from service provider’s website for analysis.